[self​-​titled] E​.​P.

by From Idle Hands

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released January 1, 2006



all rights reserved


From Idle Hands Manning, South Carolina

Korey - Vocals
Ellis - Guitar
Justin - Guitar
Lewis - Bass
Payne - Drums

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Track Name: Casket Bomb (Intro)
Figure it out for yourself.
Track Name: Tremors
Oh god, why have you forsaken me?
I knew you sent me an angel, but no one told me it was the angel of death.
The muse of my self destruction, the muse of my self demise.
This is the end.
This is the end of everything.
This is the end.
This is the end of all things.
Track Name: You Make A Pretty Corpse
I would kill you to keep you forever.
Your murder would bind us together.
Your head is my trophy, your heart is my keepsake.
This is not an expression of anger...FUCK!
This is not an expression of anger or hatred, but a testiment of my love.
I would kill you to keep you forever.
I would wear your skin to be inside you again.
Track Name: Comparable To Jake
The day is dark and the sky has opened.
No fire to light the path.
No fire to light the path.
No water to clean bloody hands.
It's too dark to see.
You can smell he stench of corpses stacked miles high.
You can hear their bombs dropping and everyone's been searching for the pink mist.
Some will find.
Some will fail.
Oh lord, please help us.
Let hope prevail!
Track Name: Logan's Run
I wish I had a crowbar and a brick, so I could use the brick to drive the crowbar into your skull.
Then I would rip that out and start bashing your lifeless cadaver with whatever I got ahold of.
No one can help fix this broken heart, like no one can help fix your broken skull.
You dug your grave and laid in it and covered yourself.
I just pissed on the soil.

with these words you've,
youve said and...{x6}

with these words...

All of this hatred has stemed from your discontent.
Im going to snuff you away.
I wont forget to break your fucking neck.
Choke on your fucking blood.
I dont want to think of you anymore.
You are the brick that drives the crowbar.
Track Name: Agoraphobia
The air is full of your breath and sweat and the pressure is choking me like your hands on my throat.
Gather 'round me, now.
Gather 'round me once again.
Walking through this sea of bodies I feel their breath on my neck.
In my eyes all these crowds are torn.
Torn between myself and left behind these eyes.
Left Behind these eyes.
Agoraphobic and loathing the world outside.
In my eyes, this is a burden, in my eyes.
I just want to take your breath away, I want to make you bleed, I want to hear you scream, as you die.
I just want to make you bleed.

I will eat your soul!